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DD Plast produce - using 3 vacuum formers - a large variety of products in many materials, all offering different colors and textures. Our vacuum machines have the capacity to produce parts with a thickness varying from 0.5 mm to 12 mm and with dimensions up to 1200 x 1500 x 600 mm. Plastic is often a good alternative to the production of parts in e.g. steel, fiberglass or wood. Plastic is easy to mold, it provides design-wise good opportunities for close tolerances and sharp details and plastic is often cheaper than other materials.

Vacuum forming is particularly suitable for the production of items when it comes to larger plastic parts in small batch sizes where injection molding is not profitable.

It requires considerable experience and knowledge of plastics to be able to vacuum form products of high quality. Our staff is experienced and professional technicians, always seeking the best solution to ensure high quality and short cycle time.

We offer advice on material selection and product development as well as provide for the production of the mold. We can work to the customer’s 3D files, but also offer to create 3D CAD drawing of the item. When the item is vacuum formed it will subsequently be milled on a CNC machine. Our 5-axed CNC machine can make exact grooves in small- and large products in dimensions up to 3000 x 700 x 1000 mm. All grooving is specified in our CAD-CAM system, that enables us to finnish the processing swiftly with precission. We can work according to your 3D files, but we also have the ablity to make tailer made from time to time.  

Forms and tools for the production of plastic parts

The quality of the mold is a crucial precondition for a stable and satisfactory production of plastic parts.

Our project management also includes the purchase and coordination of the mold production. We are happy to work from the customer’s own design drawings; however, we also offer advice and 3D drawing of the mold.

We have our own toolmaker department where we manufacture small molds and fixtures. We can in a short time make alterations, maintenance and repair of molds, providing security for our customers and ensures a stable production process. If we cannot ourselves produce the mold, we work with suppliers in Denmark, the rest of the EU and China, who provide quality molds in steel and aluminum.

As a contract manufacturer, we work exclusively with customer-owned molds which are stored at our fireproof stock.


Our extensive experiences include the manufacture of transparent domes for lighting and many variations of shields and screens for lightinh and rehabilitation equipment, wind turbines and agricultural machinery. There are plenty of uses for vacuum formed products – just imagine it and ask us!

Download printable product sheet (in danish) detailing the possibilities of vacuum forming.